Cologne Concert Brass

Cologne Concert Brass (CCB) started in 1997 as a one-off project culminating in a single concert. However, the enthusiasm of both the players and the audience soon made it clear that this was the basis for a long-term musical development. In 1999, the band was founded and formally registered.

Since then, Cologne Concert Brass has constantly extended its repertoire and has developed into a mature and well-recognized German Brass Band. The current line up includes players from all parts of the world, giving the band an unmistakable international character.

Since 2004, the band has been conducted by Heinrich Schmidt, one of the most experienced German Brass Band conductors, whose enormous energy and commitment has helped the band to reach its current status. In the National Brass Band Championshps to date, CCB has been winner of the second section on four occasions and finished 2nd and 4th after moving to the first section in 2014. In addition, the band has earned a strong international reputation through its regular participation at contests in Benelux and England.

The aim of Cologne Concert Brass is to provide ambitious musicians in the Cologne area with the opportunity to excercise their musical skills and love for music on a high level.


Cologne Concert Brass is conducted by Heinrich Schmidt.

Frontrow Cornets

Benedikt Rust (Principal)
Sven-Mario Alisch (Solo)
Pauline Nobes (Solo)

Backrow Cornets

Georg Puntigam (Soprano)
n.n. (Repiano)
Marie Schwarz (2nd)
Fred Hermanns (2nd)
Jonas Lerch (3rd)
n.n. (3rd)


n.n. (Flugelhorn)
Ruben Schmidt (Solo)
Peter Schnitzler (1st)
Birgit Bernhard (2nd)


Stephan Brunner (Solo Euph)
n.n. (2nd Euph)
n.n. (1st Bariton)
Dion Smith (2nd Bariton)


n.n. (Solo)
Horst Pramschiefer (2nd)
Jens Eckel (Bass)


Johannes Ankele (Eb)
Jannes Drost-Tenfelde (Eb)
Matthias Scheler (Bb)
n.n. (Bb)


Jochen Hubmacher\ Hannah Krumm
Juliane Fehn

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