In Cologne, you do not need more than a few crazy people to create something extraordinary. Something that sounds insane at the beginning may turn into something quite impressive at the end: a Dom, a Carnaval Procession or… a Brass Band!

The aforementioned (crazy) people found eachother more or less by coincidence in 1997 and, since then - there already was a Dom and Carnaval already existed - Cologne Concert Brass was formed. Since according to Cologne interpretation everything that happens three times is a tradition, one can call the band a musical Tradition with a clear concience.

In this spirit, the ensemble meets weekly to throw herself at the wonderfull accoustic power of an originally instrumented brass band. Doing so with British seriousness and Rheinish cheerfulness, in a rehearsal room that barely has sufficient room for such motivation. Apart from the love for Music, the 30 musicians are now connected in a tight friendship, which turns this this renowned band into a musical Family.

Cologne People are known to be very tollerant and enjoy assimilating each and everybody into their customs. Maybe that is the reason the band consists of around a dozen different nationalities, aging from „three cheese high“ to Senior.

The Cologne cheerfulness does not get into the way of our competetiveness. Under the batton of Heinrich Schmidt, Cologne Concert Brass could achieve many different titles in recent years. Not only in Germaay, but also in the neighbouring countries. Highlights include several national titles in the 2nd section and becoming vice-chamption in the 1st section.

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Liebe Freundinnen und Freunde, kurz vor Ende der Ferien melden wir uns zurück aus der Sommerpause - und zwar mit einem Kracher: Die großartige Youngblood Brass Band aus den Staaten gastiert einmal mehr in Köln und wir verlosen 2×2 Tickets! Schreibt uns einfach bis Mittwochabend, 18 Uhr, eine PN unter dem Stichwort „Youngblood“ und mit ein bisschen Glück sehen wir uns am 3. September im Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld! Infos zu den kommenden CCB-Konzerten gibt es in Kürze ebenfalls an dieser Stelle. Wir freuen uns drauf! 😁 Mehr erfahren >

CCB sagt Danke für ein wundervolles, musikalisches Wochenende. Es war und ist uns eine Freude Teil dieser Brass-Band-Familie zu sein! Mehr erfahren >

@7. Deutsche Brass Band Meisterschaft: Kölle es op jöck! (Für die nicht Rheinländer: Wir sind unterwegs.) Bis später! 😉 Mehr erfahren >


Cologne Concert Brass plays for you! Book us for your own event - from small ensemble accompaniment to gala concerts with full orchestra. Here is a small overview of our possibilities. Please adress us to discuss the options of your individual performance. E-mail: secretary@cologne-concert-brass.net. Please check out our repertoire for more Information.